Tomoto Rasam

2 medium sized tomotoes
1 small onion
coriander leaves
6 small drumsticks
rasam powder (MTR or any good brand)
black peper
seasoning :
1 tsp avalu
1 tsp jeera
1 tbs urud dal
1/2 tbs chana dal
4 red chillies
curry leaves

cut the onions and keep aside. cut tomotoes into small pieces and keep aside. take a bowl and add 2 tsp oil and heat it in that add seasoning ingredients, fry for 1 min and add onions and drumsticks, fry for 2 mins and in that add those chopped tomotoes and fry for 5 mins. Take tamarind in water and squeeze it well and add that tamarind juice in the above mixture ,mix it well and heat it for 5 mins after that add rasam powder and black pepper and heat it for 5 mins. Last add coriander leaves and remove it from stove. The tasty rasam with tomotoes and drumstick is ready. It is very tasty and easy to prepare also.

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