upma rava(semolina/sooji)-2 cups
butter-1 tbsp
blackgram(minnapappu/urad dal)-1tsp
bengalgram(senagapappu/chana dal)-1tsp
cashewnuts whole(jeedipappu/kaju)-1 cup
onion-1 finely(long) sliced
curry leaves-few
fresh ginger
green chillies-4 nos
salt to taste

1.In a pan roast the rava with butter on a low flame till it turns golden,but not brown.Cool the rava
2.Heat the oil.Fry kaju to a nice light golden brown colour and keep them aside.Add pinnapappu and senagapappu.Fry till they turn golden brown.Now add the mustard,ginger,onions and green chillies.Once the onions turn transparent add 4 cups water.Bring it to boil.Slow down the heat and pour in the roasted rava slowly and gently into the pan.Stir well while you are mixing the rava so that no lumps are formed.Now add halfcup kaju.
3.On a moderate heat cook it covered till its texture is smooth and soft.
4.Transfer it to the serving plates and decorate with the remaining kaju .The glazed kajus will give a delightful look to your dish.
5.Serve hot with coconut chutney/ginger pickle/sambar. BON APPETITE! TIP- The quantity of the water added varies depending on the texture of the rava.For 2 cups fine rava you may add 3 cups water and for 2 cups coarse rava you may add 4 cups water.

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