dosakaya curry[cucumber curry]


1--small dosakaya[indian cucumber]
for paste--
1tebsp---greated coconut
1small marblesige---tamarind
6-8---dry red chillis
add little water and griend in to smoth paste.
salt to taste
1tebsp --- oil
2 pods--garlic.


1.remove the skin and chopp the cucumber put in to a pan add alittle salt apinch of turmeric let it cook for 6-8mins,
2.after that add ground paste,salt to taste,jaggery and bring to a propper boil
3.heat 1teasp oil add 1/2teasp mustre 2pods crushed garlick let it turn brown add this to the curry,bring to boil.
serve hot with rice and papad

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